SAAS Integration

As a SAAS company with a recurring business model, it is crucial to establish efficient administration, taking into account user needs and the various available options. On this page, you'll find a suggestion for how to do this.
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There are various ways for onboarding: can the user do this themselves or is it done by an onboarding staff? Can the user change their subscription themselves or does it need to be done through a staff member? The choice depends on the business model, but this makes one Subscription Management module more suitable than another.
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Subscription Management
There are different options for subscription management, such as Chargebee, Stripe, and Exact Online. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, Chargebee offers extensive features for subscription management and invoice automation, while Stripe provides seamless integration with payment processing. Exact Online is a solid choice for detailed financial administration.
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Payment Service Provider (PSP)
Stripe and Mollie are popular choices due to their user-friendliness, extensive features, and strong security. They offer various payment methods and integration possibilities, allowing users to process payments via PSPs or bank transfers.
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CRM Package
HubSpot and Pipedrive are both good choices for CRM. HubSpot offers advanced tools for marketing automation and lead management, while Pipedrive focuses on sales pipelines and deal management. The choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the company.
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Connections Between Systems

Combine our range of different services for the best solutions. This way, all systems are used for what they are designed for, creating an efficient workflow and preventing duplicate data. This contributes to streamlining processes and improving overall business efficiency.

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Lead Creation
A lead is created in the CRM system.
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Lead to Order
When converting a lead to an order, it is passed on to the subscription management system.
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Unique Code
The subscription management system generates a unique code for the customer and synchronizes the data with its own backend system and Exact Online.
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The unique code is sent back to the CRM system, where only companies with a unique code are synchronized.

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